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Lighting the skyline
iconic screen at a time

We are building Europes single largest LED advertising billboard at 307sqm
launching December the 7th 2017

Providing your business with Iconic media

& Not Heard

Our Latest Projects

Below is a sample of some of our latest developments.

About Us

We are an innovative team who provides you with digital advertising outside of the norm.


The skills within our team

Also backed up by our diverse portfolio of media platforms

Fixed LED design, build & Install -
Mobile LED advertising van design & build -
Media planning services -

Our Services

We are an International owner and manufacturer of iconic outdoor digital media from fixed to mobile we have a solution. Our services range from the bespoke design and build of fixed LED sites to manufacture of hydraulic LED advertising vans and trucks for export. We have also built and range of our LED mobile vehicles and acquired various iconic digital sites that can be accessed by our direct sales team or via our agency sales department.

some of our Projects

LED Advan

OVC-1 Mobile LED Advan

Our state of the art mobile led van with two 10SQM-P6 screens each side that hydraulically converts to one 20SQM event screen. With onboard sound and FM transmitter this advan can service multiple applications.

Call our sales team now to secure your next campaign.

Mobile Roadshow/Exhibition Bus

Mobile Roadshow/Exhibition Bus

Our roadshow/exhibition bus is a rolling adverising office one week, then a kids cinema club the next with 30SQM of P8 screen and 4000w oboard sound system your message wont only be seen from a distance but it will be heard.

Contact our sales team now to book your event.

Victoria Warehouse LED Screen

Victoria Warehouse - 307MSQ Screen

We have just embarked on our largest project to date. Not only is it our largest project it is Europes largest single LED billboard.This will be live from December the 1st 2017

We are taking enquiries for launch partners now so get in touch below.


Below is a showcase of just some of the companies that currently use our services.


Meet The Management Team

We're a team of creators, thinkers, explorers, makers and rockstars. We're serious about delivering great outcomes.

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Dean McCormick


Lance Fisher


Paul Fisher

Partnership Director

Phil Leach

Head of Implementation

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