The Two Largest LED Displays in Australia

LED Displays in Australia

The manufacturers Multiplex, currently building the new stadium in Australia gave a contract to Daktronics to design and manufacture eight LED displays around and inside the stadium. These were installed in this summer to create a more exhilarating and entertaining atmosphere for the fans of the many events to be hosted at the stadium. These videos displays play a vital role in the overall experience of the stadium. The choose Daktronics because they were able to provide and work within the restricted time. The two focused LED displays are located at the east and west side of the stadium. Which measure around 10 metres high and 34 meters wide. Each has an HD pixel layout and provide more than 340 square meters of display. These will be used for live video, statistics and instant replays. Also providing the opportunity to highlight sponsors during events.

LED Displays

Perth Stadium New LED Displays

The company controlling the show is the heart of it all. Daktronics is controlling all of the effects and integrated sound and triggering LEDs to sync together. This system designed is superb and is design to amaze and entertain the audience. These LED displays being the largest in Australia. Also providing the fans with a perfect view of replay action wherever seated and in strong sunlight. A neat feature is the system can detect when you approach the system and will immediately start entertaining you. Also can continue to help you locate your seating position. Continuing to entertain throughout the game and will lead you to food stands, pointing you to different opportunities and help you on your way home. This system provides a particular experience through the technology.

Two LED ribbon displays are wrapped around the stadium one two levels ground and first. On the first level measures 0.75 meters high and 380 meters long. The ground level is more than 1 meter in height and 345 meters long. The pair provides content to eh main displays such as statistics, advertising and event prompt.

LED Displays

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