LED VS LCD – Which should you choose?


In today’s world, a bunch of new technology is being introduced every year.  A more popular craze these days is to have an LED TV.  This is a similar case with 4K resolution.

However, if you are wondering about which one between these two types of display offers better overall picture quality, best value and just best overall. Well, this all comes down to personal preference.

So to give you an idea and to put your mind at ease, I am going to give you a rundown of information and significant aspects which are being offered by both.


The backlighting

Well technically both LED and LCD displays are both a liquid crystal display. An LCD display has two layers of glass which are polarised and combined. Then the liquid crystals then block or pass the light to display the TV picture.

The light does not come from the crystals as the light comes from a series of lamps which are at the back of the screen. LCD screen lights which are at the back are fluorescent lights whereas on LED displays the lights at the back are LEDs or Light emitting diodes.

There are only two different types of methods used for LED to provide the backlighting edge lighting and full array lighting. Most LED displays and TVs are edge-lit, this without local dimming. This with LEDs placed along the edge of the LCD panel.

Backlit display technology uses light guides to illuminate specific areas of the display. When this was introduced couple years ago many manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Sony have developed a better version. Using edge-lit with local dimming. This mixture and variety result in better picture quality, the black levels becoming even darker making it much better. Overall creating a great display for even those insightful customers.

Picture Quality

 So if you’re looking for the best picture quality among all the LED displays, then technically it will have to be one which has full array backlighting with local dimming.  This allows technology to do its job. The individual zones of LEDs can be brightened or dimmed independently. Therefore making it more customisable and personal for an individuals taste and preference.

Comparing both LED & LCD displays next to each other. Well, the LED generally has better black levels and contrast. Colour accuracy is also marginally better with LED displays rather than LCD. Although LCD is no slouch on colour accuracy compared to an LED TV which has a slight advantage.

Viewing angles are commonly questioned but are more or less the same. This will depend on the glass panel which is used by the manufacturer. A thicker and higher quality glass panel is expected to give a better viewing angle.

Price, Size & Energy

So, as discussed these are very high tech displays and TVs. If you concerned about any display as you can imagine LEDs are more expensive than LCD. LCD would be the most obvious decision as they have gone down in price ever since LED has become more mainstream.

Size is sometimes a concern for most people. Well, LED screens are slimmer compared to LCD although not by much. This is only because LEDs are tiny and can be installed in small places allowing manufacturers to trim some weight. If space is a big concern for you make sure you measure first.

If you are worried about your power bill and energy, then what you need is an energy efficient tv.  LED displays are excellent in this area. This because LED uses less light to display its pictures. These are developed to create better quality pictures while also using less power than LCD models.


Overall, these advantages and disadvantages of both LED and LCD displays, and it Is really up to the customer and which suits their needs best. Clearly, LED has more advanced technology with slightly better picture quality although has a higher price point. LCD displays and TVs remain in manufacture and production despite the gaining popularity of LED. This because they offer good value given at a lower price with above-average picture quality.

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