LED Billboard Barge Cruising Around Manhattans Waterways!

The New York Times Square is a ben assault on your senses with all the billboards and how busy it is. While also being a huge tourist attraction, so a barge strolling up and down the rivers with a huge LED billboard will most likely not generate much attention from any seasoned residents. 

This spotted recently what is named the Ballyhoo 2 which is a custom built 72-foot boat equipped with a huge back to back 60 foot LED board strapped to it. Which looks very appealing and was promoting the latest season release of the TV Series The Walking Dead.

This seems like a great way to gain the attention of tourist. However, when it comes to the locals won’t pay much attention. If owning one of them was our plan I would be concerned of it tipping over! Nevertheless, it is a great piece of kit and looks very effective.

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