5 Interesting OOH Facts


So, lots of brands have used Out-of-home advertising for many years, although many individuals might not be aware of the full advantages that it offers.

The OOH advertising itself has gained vast amounts of attention by brands and consumers alike. When it is used effectively it can not only serve as a driving brand awareness campaign it can break the shorter attention span of consumers.

The 5 Facts

Here, we are going to take a look at the top five compelling facts about out-of-home advertising and see why it is such a beneficial form of advertising for all sorts of companies.

1. Consumers spend 70% of their day away from home

Just think about all the time you spend out of your house. This could be commuting to work, going shopping, picking up your kids from school or strolling the city. Now imagine if you could capture this market!

Many brands and businesses have caught on to the point that using seamless omnichannel advertising tactics is the way ahead. Although digital still plays a significant role in the buying medium for consumers. Brands who use digital out-of-home advertising are still at a better advantage against those who don’t.

2. Out-of-Home advertisements help promote local businesses

Out-of-home advertising is a powerful local media. In America according to their Outdoor Advertising Association 7 out of 10 OOH ads are promoting local businesses. Many local companies find that having local brands advertising in the form of OOH ads helps to stimulate brand awareness loyalty amongst their community.

3. Consumers make shopping decisions while in the car and on the move!

Just think, how much time have you spent stuck in traffic while commuting to work or on the weekends? Well, it is estimated that the average driver spends up to 17,600 minutes or 293 hours driving each year. So, due to this, we can imagine that many drivers will have noticed billboards and any truck advertisements during that time.

Having your brand or product displayed while customers are on the road, it can have a vast advantage for your company. This will increase your brands top of mind awareness.

4. One of the lowest CPMs of all marketing mediums 

Compared to the other marketing mediums out there, OOH advertising has one of the weakest CPMs in basic terms we know impressions are the number of times potential customers view your advertisement.

5. 97% of consumers who read mobile billboards will recall what they read

According to the Outdoor Advertising Magazine 97% us the rate of recall for mobile billboard advertising. Now modern-day consumers are more likely to be able to remember an exciting or engaging OOH billboard than that of an ad on social media. Read more about why you should use out-of-home advertising here.

Out-Of-Home Facts

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