How to Stay Ahead With Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Outdoor advertising is a potent tool to help unlock the growth potential of your brand. With outdoor advertising, you gain much advantage from the fact that it is an underused resource for medium and small sized businesses. However, it has its natural advantages you can’t afford to be complacent. There are many brands to content in the outdoor marketing arena. So, if you want to keep your advantage and stay on top, you must optimise the impact of your outdoor campaigns. Following this advice will help you stay ahead with your advertising campaign.


It is quite humorous, but many brands act like they were the first ones ever to think of outdoor advertising. Brands can fall into small traps and errors that have been made in the past, which can lead to happening again in the future. This is all because marketers fail to do their research into what works and what doesn’t. 

Refresh Your USP

Unique selling point. Your brands USP should set the tone for all of your outdoor advertising activities. Any new campaign is an opportunity to present your brand’s unique characteristics to consumers in a different way. Kit kat produced a great slogan, and they position their brand as a way to indulge in a snack by taking time from your daily routine.

Some of their most effective adverts will reinforce and refresh this message each time. KitKat has run many effect adverts including the unfinished billboard because the worker installing has taken a snack break. Another social media campaign is encouraging consumers to post photos with #Mybreak. Each campaign refreshes their unique selling point or USP. Think about how your outdoor campaign can take your brand’s story forwards and reinforce your key message.

Outdoor Advertising Campaigns


Yes we know, it is tempting to see each advert you run as a sperate entity with a life of its own, rather than a connected part of a much more comprehensive network of effective advertising practices. You are looking for a billboard, so you design artwork and place it up on a 48-sheet. Job complete. However, what you should be doing is thinking about how to join the billboard to other strands of your marketing mix. An example of this, you should use your outdoor ad to drive mobile engagement. Push consumers towards your website which is set up to turn leads into customers.  It would be best if you were thinking about how you can move audiences from an encounter with your ad to deeper engagement with your brand.

Strategically Pick Your Advertising Locations

Outdoor advertising gives you an opportunity to reach out to a wide audience. If your targeting students and those on a budget then seek out ad sites near universities or in affordable areas of town. If you are struggling to connect to rural audiences, then try Post Office advertising as it gives you access to those people who live in villages and rural locations.  Just opened a new restaurant or shop? Take out street or local outdoor advertising sites near your store.

The main trick with picking your locations is understanding your target audience. Figure out where are these people are being found. For example supermarkets, or petrol stations. Once you know this information, then you can search for ad location in that relevant area. This could be from bus top ads to digital city centre screens, street advertising or leveraging the geographical aspect of outdoor advertising is a powerful way to stay ahead with your campaigns.

Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

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