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Why You Should Use Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising allows advertisers to enjoy extended engagement with their audiences in ways other advertisings methods cannot match. Out-of-home (OOH) is a new beginning for advertising and provides much more engaging content than traditional billboards.

Best Tips To Develop An Attractive Shop Using Digital Signage

Welcome to our post about Attractive shop signage. I’m going to discuss with you about how using Attractive shop signage can help you attract customers towards your shops. We all know that first impressions matter. Therefore, if you do not have a proper shop front signage, then you’re missing out.

OVC at Manchester Day 2018

Manchester day is an event each year that brings together thousands of people who live in the area to celebrate everything great about the city. It is a day for families, friends and visitors to get together and celebrate all things Mancunian that has made Manchester one of the world’s most iconic cities.

LED VS LCD – Which should you choose?

In today’s world, a bunch of new technology is being introduced every year.  A more common craze these days is to have an LED TV.  This is a similar case with 4K resolution. However, if you are wondering about which one between these two types of display offers better overall picture quality, best value and just best overall. Well, this all comes down to personal preference. So to give you an idea and to put your mind at ease, I am going to give you a rundown of information and major aspects which are being offered by both.

Outdoor Advertising - LED Signs & Billboards

Starting with the basics. A digital LED sign is a simple display on a screen which is a combination of several LEDs arranged in a pattern that can create text, images or videos.

In this generation of continually evolving technology, the options for indoor and outdoor LED advertising has also increased. They are now sufficient in most places. Even, have started trending and have become an integral part of company branding. Thousands of business are taking advantage of the benefits that LED signs are providing.

North America's Largest Transparent LED Screen!

On New Years Eve, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa released the largest transparent LED screen in North America installed on a three-storey building. The NAC has named the LED screen Kipnes Lantern. The transparent screen was developed by special architects from Diamond Schmitt. This LED screen is a signature feature of the Art Centres architectural revitalization.

The Future of Advertising, Going Digital!

As technology advances, it brings with it all the perks allowing a new future for advertising. All new LED screens with thousands of pixels and high resolutions allowing for the ultimate advertising display experience.

Luxury Hotel Wrapped With a 17,000 Square-foot LED Screen

A new project announced for New York Times Square. This will afford the visitors to stay in an extravagance hotel, which is wrapped in a huge LED high-resolution display. This being the most high-resolution display ever seen at the recognisable Times Square.

London, Piccadilly’s New LED Screen

The Piccadilly lights went down for renovation nine months ago, but now they are back on with new 4K LED technology.

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