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At OVC we offer a great range of iconic digital media services. So if you are looking for a huge LED screen?  Or something more mobile?  Well we provide both so look no further.

Our services range from professional design and building of fixed LED screens, to the production of hydraulic LED advertising trucks and vans for export.

We have range of LED mobile vehicles which can be used for private events, shows and many more. We have attained several iconic digital screens already, which can be accessed by our agency and sales department.

Our services are produced with the highest quality LED equipment out there including ultimate colour, brightness and contrast. This makes the display look fantastic, even in direct sunlight.

LED Screens

We offer to design and build fixed LED screens where you require. These are produced with professionalism and high quality. These are great for promoting your brand to thousands of people a day.

Digital Ad Bus

Our Ad Bus service is great for product launches, outdoor cinemas and much more. Our bus has a huge LED screen across one side, 7.5M wide. Promotional staff can also be hired alongside to bring your event to life.

Digital Ad Vans

We have two Ad Vans both are high quality and have many uses. They can be used for Festivals, VIP events, Brand awareness and much more. There are two LED screens on either side which can be active whilst driving down the road. When stopped the two screens merge and become one huge LED display.

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